From 'Zika proof' to unbridled patriotism: Uniforms for the Rio Olympics

The Washington Post

With less than 100 days before Rio, teams are putting the spotlight on their 2016 Olympic uniforms. This week the United States gave a sneak peek of its closing ceremony garb to the Today Show, while South Korea displayed its Olympic kits on the catwalk.

Team U.S.A. designer Ralph Lauren - who has promised to produce the team's apparel in the U.S., not China - created a red, white and blue look that's reminiscent of a day boating in Nantucket, Mass., complete with a patriotic belt and boat shoes.

South Korean designer Bean Pole, on the other hand, went for a completely covered-up look in what the country hopes is a "Zika-proof" design. The long pants and shirts are a stark contrast to Team U.S.A.'s bright white shorts and rolled-up sleeves. South Korea even added mosquito-repellant chemicals to the fabric, the AP reported.

The two countries join a growing list of countries to debut their Olympic attire this month, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and others. Canada's chosen aesthetics were met with mostly admiration online, but Australians weren't all pleased with their "retro candy stripe."

Even Russia paraded its gear out for the media, showcasing a retro-cheerleader look on April 25, despite the country's current International Association of Athletics Federations suspension for doping. The IAAF has yet to decide if the Russian team can participate in Rio - a meeting is scheduled for June 17 - but the athletes will be clothed either way.

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