It's in Hampton's budget: $53.7 million for capital spending


HAMPTON — The City of Hampton is set to spend nearly $53.7 million on capital projects – new construction, the purchase of property and equipment and maintenance.

Hampton's capital plan covers 74 projects paid for in whole or part under the 2016 budget. These range from $250,000 to aquire and demolish blighted properties to $2 million to fund the Hampton City Schools' "One-To-One" technology initiative aimed at equiping students with digital devices.

The single most expensive capital project: more than $5.5 million for street resurfacing. Millions of the capital budget goes into maintinence of public facilities and schools as well.

Some of the capital spending is easy for citizens to see – for instance, more than $1.5 million will go to the next phase of streetscaping efforts along North King Street. Other expenses are relatively small-scale equipment purchases, like scuba tanks for the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue or in-car cameras for the Hampton Police Division.

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