Newport News Waterworks employee finds abandoned dog on the job

Reema Amin

A routine maintenance trip for a Newport News Waterworks employee recently ended with adding the newest member of his family: an abandoned dog.

Efrain Rosado, an instrument specialist, was returning from doing maintenance at Waterworks' Upper York Pump Station when he saw a white, furry animal laying close to a set of railroad tracks, according to a city newsletter.

"Being an animal lover, Mr. Rosado cautiously approached the animal and gained its trust," the newsletter said.

Rosado and a passerby who joined him took the dog to the Heritage Humane Society, according to the city. The next week, Rosado got a phone call: the humane society asked if he was interested in adopting the dog.

Rosado talked to his family and "answered the call with a resounding, 'YES!'" His family welcomed the dog during the week of Christmas, the city said.

"Efrain said when this furry ball of love licked his face at the railroad tracks he was hooked," the newsletter said. "Thanks to the kindness of the Rosado family for their caring and love, 'Lindo' (Spanish for Pretty Boy) has a home for the holidays."

Newport News Sheriff's Office warns of jury duty scam

The Newport News Sheriff's Office is warning residents of scam phone calls that have been circulating telling people that they need to attend jury duty, or else.

A caller has been identifying himself as a member of the Newport News Sheriff's Office and saying that the person has missed jury duty and faces arrest unless they fork over a fine, "usually a hefty one," said Dorothy E. Wikan, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office.

"I know this scam is making its way through Hampton Roads, but this is the first we're hearing of it in Newport News in the new year," Wikan said in an email to news outlets.

The sheriff's office said the following tips will help people from falling for the scam:

•No one from sheriff's office would call to threaten an arrest or demand a fine for missing jury duty.

•All communication about jury duty is done through the mail.

•Even if the caller asks for a small amount of money, "avoid the urge to just pay it."

•If you receive one of these phone calls, hang up and report it to the authorities where you live and do not pay them.

•Never give personal information in response to an unsolicited phone call.

Amin can be reached by phone at 757-247-4890.

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