Acomplete Guide to Full Moon Party 2018 at Koh Phangan Thailand

A trip to Thailand is incomplete without attending infamous Full moon party that takes place once every month in Koh Phangan. Although, the whole of Thailand is home to part-dwellers, hippies, and backpackers the beach of Koh Phangan has its charm.
Every month, when the moon is full, shining bright like a yellow ball, Haad Rin calls people from all around the world. As the night falls, the beach is frenzied up with wild beats, frantic dancers, and a whole lot of booze. But that is not all you find vendor stands, fire eaters and jugglers entertaining a huge crowd.

A Brief History of Full Moon Party in Thailand:

The ritual started in the early 1980s when a group of tourist found the full moon night most beautiful in Koh Phangan. To celebrate this natural beauty, they partied all night long on that cool, breezy beach lighted by a bright moon.

Colin Hinshelwood, a Scotsman, one of the few originators of full moon party at Koh Phangan has a different story. He says, back then it was a dark, scary place packed with vicious dogs and sinister muggers who would roam freely.

But, it was the year 1985, when the moon illuminated brighter than ever. This dazzling night brought a brief moment of security and relief. The celebration was the only answer to this moment of joy which was honored with dancing and splashing in the sea.
Moon moon and campfires lighted the beach and partygoers made the music enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the view. Today, it is a whole different story which brings together thousands of backpackers and hippies mainly from UK, Australia, and South Africa.

What Can You Find Now at Full Moon Party At Koh Phangan?

Starting at dusk, the party lasts till sunrise next morning entertaining a frenzied crowd of 20-30 thousand people dances to the beats played hard loud by every bar set up on the beach. This festive like party becomes more fun with a lot of booze, dance, and drugs where you will hardly see people getting into a fight but just enjoying the moment.
International camps are also set for tourists who would want to enjoy their culture as well. The party has its traditional attire of neon colored dress complimented with fanny packs.

As you proceed down on the beach, you will find stalls to get your face and body painted to match the wild and crazy vibe of the event. You can even buy giant cocktail buckets with almost about five straws to share with friends. Not only this, but you will also find giant ropes on fire as well as twirling fireballs and even spinning fire poles.

Full Moon Party Schedule for 2018:
• 1st January
• 31st January
• 2nd March
• 31st March
• 29th April
• 30th May
• 27th June
• 29th July
• 26th August
• 24th September
• 25th October
• 22nd November
• 22nd December
The dates to full moon party are subjected to change as per Buddhist holidays.

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