Darshana Mishra's new book is a personal life saga that brings in real emotions from a small town in Central India

Many times we skip to express our love for our near and dear ones. Many times
we are afraid to do so and many times life never gives us a chance, but what will
you do if God gives you second chances. Darshana Mishra a 23 year old young
girl, from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh shares her mother's story in the form of her
first novel, "Maa - because angels do exist".
The book unveils the story about a woman, who plays the role of a lover, a wife,
a mother, a friend, a daughter, and an angel throughout her life Even after life
hitting her hard each time the warrior in her never let her down, and when it does,
she is motivated by her daughter to break off from the societal norms of physical
appearance as the only measure of her beauty. The story also talks about the only
man in her life who was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her. The
bond of love shared between them falls short of words in the era of short term
relationships failing each day. The book talks about life and its changing colours
each day in the life of an ordinary family and how the bond of love they share in
extra ordinary ways. Family and love is all what is needed while overcoming
tough times.
The book is written to encourage hundreds of women who believe that the colour
of the skin, the physical beauty and appearance are the only judging factors. It is
meant for such women to unleash the warrior inside them and feel strong and
beautiful about their individuality.
Darshana says that the journey from thinking about writing a book to the actual
published book landing in hear hands seems like a dream come true. Without the
guidance of Dr. Nikhil Chandwani as her mentor this journey would not have
been possible. "Dr. Nikhil, being a mentor and a friend at the same time gave me
the inspiration to pen down my thoughts in the form of this beautiful gift for my
mother. What kept me going throughout this journey was the feeling of seeing
my parents happy and proud of me. During this journey, I understood that Family
and Love is the mightiest sword one can ever have," she says.

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