KEEP THE SHINE: A write up by Kanika Muniyar

Article by Kanika Muniyar

We all face failures. Sometimes we experience seasons of emotions. Many times situations are disturbing and then sometimes you need someone to nudge you and make you realize that you are worth.
I met few, some were darkness, some were light, but all had a good heart. Dark had all hidden in whereas Bright shined all time, Time was common in them.

Then, these lamp lights sparkling in the darkest of nights are my love. When I look at these bright shining lamps, the darkness inside me shines out. There are peaceful, sleepless nights which are made lively by them. My lamp lights are 6 years old but they shine like always in the same place, in the same way. I want people to shine always like them. Shine is inside us, and I believe we all can try to give our best spark.
As beautifully quoted by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, "If you fail, never give up because FAIL means, First attempt in learning., End is not the end, in fact, END means Effort Never Dies".
There is darkness but, If we wish to understand the darkness, we can make the darkness shine too. It's just as simple as that we must not stop looking for hope. As well said, the journey must go on !!

As well said by BILL O'REILLY, " We are all born with a grab bag of gifts and gaps. Identify your true talents, then find out how to use them to make money." We all have the courage and talents, just pull up your socks and go for it. It just doesn't matter what people judge, how you judge yourself, makes all sense.
Further, I would like to add this quote by "WILL SMITH, the greatest dreams are always unrealistic". So Few leaves of failure won't take it away from you. Your dreams are yours, you own them, if you flow believing in them they will definitely be fruitful someday.
And yes! It's completely fine, not to be fine.

Because I feel, everybody is stressed, hurt, feared or depressed over some or the other thing.
Though we all portray ourselves in various ways. But, everybody has a story hidden in, as well said
The most beautiful smiles have most stories captured. I feel it's true. But remember darkness too is a part of life. Dark nights are also a part of the universe. But a rising sun also comes after dark nights.
When you are surrounded by dark days, you are learning to lose but you should never lose. We all know failure is the part. But, what's beyond is how you govern your thoughts and don't let the shine inside you fade. Look above the sky, you'll find bright lights sparkling. Similarly, look for other opportunities and Focus on pursuing it, rather than cursing the failures. Understand, You are the owner of your own journey, own it your way. Make it count so worth that even your failures would applaud you.

You are the boss, own it in your style.

It's worth Shining

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