No One Cares: Success Story Of The Bootstrapped Content Startup That Turned Into One Of India’s Largest Viral Content Firm

Inspirational yet motivational quotes derive us towards good faith in bad times. They affect our feelings, emotions, resonate around our thoughts and make us feel better. This was one of the main reason why Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri started NoOneCares 2 years ago. Nikhil is the co-founder and CEO of the company who holds a diploma in computer engineering(dropout) and manages the content creation of NoOneCares. On the other hand, Satyam did diploma in B com (dropout) and looks after the company marketing and business.
Both these guys are in their early 20s and doing a great job on Facebook with over 25 million followers. NoOneCares targets the people looking forward to a new start, motivational quotes, and anything else to make them move forward. Sounds interesting? Well, if you're someone looking for a meaning in your life, let us help you understand what's on your mind and heart. Cheers!

How did a Facebook page name 'No one cares' become such an integral platform for people?

After creating a lot of pages that didn't quite lift off the ground, Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri started a page on Facebook on the 30th of May 2016 with just 15k in their hands to promote the page. But unfortunately, they lost most of the money as it didn't get them the number of clicks they needed to make the page popular. Unlike others, they both didn't lose hope and focused on the content they posted. They targeted people who were upset and didn't have any motivation in their life. And their content was very well received by these groups of people and people started liking the content and appreciating it.

In just 10 days the page got over a lakh likes. This encouraged both of them and they worked even harder. The result of their hard work was seen when the page started getting 10k likes per day which further increased to 100k likes per day and that was quite a big achievement and the proof that you can get what you want if you work hard enough for it.

How did No One Cares come into the picture?

The page subscribers and likes were growing like a weed with an enormous wild speed. The idea of starting came to them when their page hit a whopping 5 million likes.
Their website was showered with love and appreciation from their followers. This resulted in the appearance of Google ads on their website and they started earning through it.

Currently, the page has 25 million likes and this huge number was procured in a small span of 2 years.

What gave rise to the idea of Psifiako Media Pvt Ltd?

Since their page had a good number of likes and a pretty strong reach, companies started to approach them and in order to cater to these companies well, the team started Psifiako Media Pvt Ltd.

Why the name Psifiako Media?

They wanted to name their company Digital Media Pvt Ltd. But that name was already taken by someone else so they decided to go with the Greek word for "Digital". Hence PsifiakoMedia; [pronounced as Si-Fi-Ako]

How did you go about things when you were starting out?

There were a lot of problems they had to face while starting this page, the issues people face when they do something unexpected and totally out of the box. Financial problems, the lack of support from family and friends but they didn't give up. They were made fun of because both of them were investing all their time and energy into something that people had no idea about. They didn't know that this Facebook page would be their biggest success and give them the life we all desire of. But as said that hard work pays off, here they are with 25 million likes on their page and a team of 20 people working together for 2 years.

What is the mantra for Psifiako Media to score big?

Once they had an enormous reach of 54,612,324 followers on their Facebook page they were approached by big companies to market for them. They have strong clients base some of them are quite popular like Fox Stars studios, Mi, Dr. Oetker's, Awp me, Happen.

The future Plans for Psifiako Media?

Earlier they used to create image content for their page that connected people from all age groups and places. But we all know as time and trend changes we too need to change to survive and for that, we are in the video section now.
The whole team is working hard to make video content every day for their audience.

Their main goal is to make No One Cares a platform where anyone can express themselves and can reach out to the one they want.
They are also slowly working to create a platform that will help our user to directly communicate with us.

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