On Trend Renovations for 2019

A new year is upon us and with spring fast approaching you may be considering renovating your home. Before you undertake any renovations, it is worth making sure that you have planned what you want to do properly. It is far easier to work with a black canvas than having a full house. It may be worth putting your furniture into storage whilst you undertake the renovation and a quick search online for storage rentals near me will take care of this aspect.

Once this has been done you now need to decide on what trends are big in 2019 and which of these trends you like.


This trend has come in and out for many seasons but it is back with a vengeance in 2019. Gone are cluttered homes as clean, sleek lines are all the rage this year. This look is there to promote a bright and airy feel so stick to light colours and delicate designs. With this trend you can add touches of colour, but don't go crazy.


Biophilia is going to be huge in 2019. It is where nature and humankind combine. This look requires the use of wood, stone, plant life and other organic materials to bring the outside in. This trend needs to be cleverly incorporated into your home so for living spaces, kitchens and dining areas this is ideal as these materials are easily incorporated. In a bedroom however, it may not be so easy and probably best avoiding.

Feminine Touches

This may not be to everyone's tastes but feminine touches are regarded as warm, natural colours which can instantly update a room. Bronze, dusty pink and taupe are all colours that are going to be making statements this year. There are ideal for bedrooms as you are able to layer with softy furnishings and mood lighting.

Art Work

Another look that is trending in 2019 is colourful art. Ironically, minimalistic art is on its way out but bold, vibrant art pieces are going to be the height of fashion. Adding an art piece to a minimalistic room will give you an on trend look. Art work covering an entire wall or being a centre piece has taken over multiple imagery.


Floral design or wallpapers and fabrics has always been an item for individual tastes. This year however, floral patterns and chintz are all the rage. It may be just a floral cushion, floral curtains or floral art work, these will be big in 2019.

Hand Made

Having items in your home that are handmade or one-off pieces is also trending in 2019. Whether it's a side board, picture or an embroidered cushion, bespoke handmade items will be seen throughout many homes. You may also notice that you can get away with non-matching and mismatched items this year.

Some of the most popular trending renovation items of 2019 have been noted above. As with all fashion related aspects, there are many variants and twists that you can apply to make these trends individual to you.

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