In Flagstaff, Ariz., it's easy to get immersed in the town's rowdy — and scientific — past

Why Flagstaff, Ariz.? Start with the Lowell Observatory, where Pluto was first spotted in 1930 (and don't forget to peek through the refurbished Clark refracting telescope, used in the 1960s to create maps of the moon). Consider the Pioneer Museum, which celebrates this "livestock, lumber and railroad" town dating to the 1880s.

And don't forget that Flagstaff, a mountain town that sits at 6,909 feet -- is also about the great outdoors: walking, running, hiking and biking.

The bed

After an eight-hour drive from Los Angeles, you might be thinking of a rest. My husband and I stayed at the Little America Hotel, a perennial traveler favorite just off Interstate 40 near famed Route 66. 

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The restaurant

Hungry? Our family's favorite restaurant, Black Bart's Steakhouse, Saloon & Musical Revue, was a hoot. Our waitperson (and other staff) served savory steaks and loaded baked potatoes, then disappeared at regular intervals to belt out Broadway tunes. (Order the fried ice cream for dessert.)

We dined on more meat at Hickory's Smokehouse BBQ, a casual eatery with generous portions of brisket, ribs, corn muffins and Dr Pepper in glass bottles and later grabbed a meal on the run at the Route 66 Dog Haus

The find

Are you an outside person? Bring your walking shoes and a "good attitude for high altitude." Then check out the Flagstaff Urban Trails System, a.k.a. "FUTS." Maps detailing the 56 miles of paved and unpaved pathways are posted online and around town.  (Speaking of  acronyms, if you see a "WTF" bumper sticker, it stands for "Welcome to Flagstaff.") 

Miles one way from downtown L.A.

About 465


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