Beyond Boobs announces name change

As a Williamsburg-based breast health organization, Beyond Boobs has been here for the girls since the nonprofit's start nine years ago.

But with the organization's absorption of a second breast cancer support service, Beyond Boobs has officially changed its name to Here for the Girls.

That second service, Pink Link, is a nonprofit that was "gifted" to Beyond Boobs last summer, according to a release from Beyond Boobs announcing the name change.

Pink Link connects breast cancer survivors through an online support community. It will now operate alongside Beyond Boobs, which continues to provide in-person support across four states to women diagnosed with breast cancer at or under age 50.

"With these two support service 'sisters,' we needed a 'mother' to watch over them," co-founder Rene Bowditch said in the release.

"Changing the name of our not-for-profit to Here for the Girls, which we literally have been for the last nine years, gave us that mother, plus a clear statement of why we exist," Bowditch said.

The decision to combine the two services was made by the Beyond Boobs board of directors.

The redesigned Pink Link website ( will launch Pink Link Connect, a new online social community for breast cancer survivors, later this month.

Check out the Here for the Girls website.

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