WRL puppet story time engages families


A crowd of kids alongside parents and grandparents sought a break from Saturday’s brisk weather inside the James City County Library, where youth services librarian Laurie Ziegler and a group of teenage volunteers hosted a puppet story time show.

“It brings them into the library,” Ziegler said. “Puppets are so engaging. They really help the younger kids stay focused.”

She read several winter-themed children’s books, such as “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, in between puppet-led singalong interludes.

“There’s a lot of action. The puppets are all bright pastel colors,” said Rick Verilla, who brought his grandson, Jack, out to see the show along with his wife, Chris.

Verilla said that although Jack already enjoys reading, such library efforts encourage him to read even more.

“He loves to read and he loves to have stories read to him,” Verilla said. “He just loves the library and he’s been looking forward to this puppet show for a while.”

Ziegler made sure to keep the kids engaged with interactive elements like miming the making of snow angels or handing out bells to ring along to sounds of puppeteers belting out “Jingle Bells.”

Vanessa Silva, a mother in the audience alongside her family, appreciated Ziegler’s enthusiasm.

“It gets them involved,” Silva said. “It’s such a good time for the kids.”

She and her husband check the library schedule weekly for things such as the puppet story time that their children might enjoy. They are impressed by the variety of events scheduled by library staff.

“We try to keep up with the library events,” Silva said. “We’ve enjoyed a lot of the other programs.”

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