A lot of maritime history took place here, says commander of STARBASE ATLANTIS

Many ship wrecks took place in the "graveyard of the Atlantic" off of the North Carolina coast, and World War Two made its considerable contribution to the count.
Shannon Ricles detailed for the JCC Rotary Club the sinking of four German U-boats there which had sent some 193 American cargo ships to the bottom.

Shannon Ricles, now Education and Outreach Coordinator for NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, is busy helping define spots on the sea floor containing significant wrecks, to be revered and protected from collectors. Previously, she was director of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station outreach program concentrating on STEM technology subjects of interest to 1,000 5th grade students. She was the Coordinating Producer for 800 cable access channels and garnered 5 emmys for her work. Her over 15 years of classroom experience were valuable to the Navy as a way to reach Navy recruits of the future.

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