Be your own boss of reality

Everyone sensory data that enters through there sense organs is simply electrical impulse which are not the world outside, but rather informational representations of the 'outside' world. Our brain then reconstructs this data to create an image, a sound, a smell, taste and touch. So your mind definitely )creates or rather recreates )the reality you are experiencing right now.

Objectively there exists no such 'thing' as a smell. Nor are there any true distinctions between objects, everything is truly one. A large sea of interacting wave/particles systems which have no boundaries. We create these boundaries, we form biases on how the world works and fit all data incoming to this established world view.

With this data we react just as any other physical system does according to laws and produce action which alters the universe around us sometimes in tiny ways, sometimes in huge ways. Tiny actions can spin off huge composite changes via butterfly effect, and there is no true way to gauge the significance of our actions. But I would say that since everything is interconnected and interdependent, that every single action is significant, and every single action completely and utterly alters the universe to a new configuration, a new 'moment' which is completely unique due to its chaos.

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