Civil War Historical Fiction Set in North Carolina

In her latest book, Henrietta F. Ford departs from her usual genre of southern mystery to pen historical fiction. Her new novella, Secret Messages, takes place during the Civil War era. She tells the story of a young Dr. Singletary, who left his lavish home in Richmond, Virginia to begin a practice in the impoverished village of Seaboard, in northeastern North Carolina. His days were long and his practice often took him over bumpy dusty roads to nearby farms. He and his young family worked as a team and they soon earned the love and respect of the entire community. For years he felt fulfilled, appreciated and successful although his bills were sometimes paid with chickens, eggs, or kitchen garden vegetables.

Then suddenly rumblings of war from the north moved ever closer to Seaboard. Abruptly this peaceful community changed. Life became harsh and death cruel. While Dr. Singletary, now an older man, struggled to fulfill the demands of his patients and family, he found himself faced with a moral dilemma.

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