First Half-Century Celebration

Sue and John Delos began their second half century together the same way they began their first -- with a camping and hiking trip in the Blue Ridge. Newlyweds don't mind sleeping on the cold hard ground as long as they are together, and they discovered 50 years later that it was still true. Later they celebrated with a family reunion. "This whole 50th anniversary thing is sort of disorienting to me", John remarked. "I thought only old people had 50th anniversaries." One plus one does not equal two for very long, and they gave birth to three children, two surviving, who gave birth to three grandchildren, two surviving. They lived at various times in Ann Arbor, MI, Watertown and Brookline, MA, Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Denver and Boulder, CO, and now live in Queens Lake. Sue is retired from a position of research professor at University of Virginia, while the remains of John's mind remain as professor of physics at William and Mary. "I should have some wisdom about this, but I don't know how a physics dude like me could stay married for 50 years," John said to some friends. They all immediately responded: "Marry a really tolerant woman!" John and Sue will continue their fiftieth anniversary celebrations with a trip to the island of Delos in the Aegean.

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