For those not familiar with the Burning Man pageant, prepare to be amazed!

The presentation that guest lecturer George Neil gave JCC Rotary was of a spectacular extension of the bygone Woodstock hippie event, only in spades. The scale of the main parade grounds of the Burning Man pageant, laid out in a wide expanse of the Western desert, was 3/4 of a perfect circle, only a MILE WIDE! Around the periphery of this were THOUSANDS of camp sites, meticulously laid out in a grid pattern to surround the main circle. Artists ,among others, inhabit the camp sites, but not just portrait artists...ones that create larger than life, moving extravaganzas...machines that walk, spin, carry people up 100 feet into the air and flash lights into the night sky! And once you are admitted to the event, you are not allowed to leave FOR A WEEK! Nothing is for sale there, you must bring all your own food and water for your stay. Temperatures there range from 130 degrees by day, and 32 degrees by night. NO SUN SHIELDS ALLOWED!

To get in, you pay $400 each at the gate. From then on, then everything's free! When it is over, and the giant wooden man has been torched, all evidence of human habitation must be removed!

An intriguing tale, but when accompanied by confirming slides, it became creditable. No Rotarians volunteered for this year's Burning Man adventure.

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