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It was very disappointing to see Swanenburg's essay from 3/7/15. He starts by running down NASA. NASA's report in Oct. said 2014 COULD be the hottest year on record, but only if an increase in NOV. and DEC. occurred. He argues about tenth's of a degree. It is a fact that 10 of the hottest years on record happened in the past 14 years. The NASA scientists did not lie, but gave scientific facts, irrespective of who is running congress. There are 200 scientific societies around the world that have concluded the earth has rampant warming and it is caused by human activity. Air pollution has caused ice sheets in Greenland to darken thereby absorbing more sunlight and melting faster. This is a fact.
Then he says "quite possibly Milankovitch cycles" an assumption that is incorrect. Measurements have shown that solar output variations reaching the earth only account for a 5-6% variation in solar heating, not a significant factor. Mr. Swanenburg runs down scientific theories and future predictions, but then he says "I have my own theory". Just a theory. He claims the rise in ocean levels is caused by "leaves ending in waterways". Not only is that ridiculous, but he has no measurements, no facts to back up that myth. As for human effects on climate, just consider one fact logically on what has happened since 1900. How many millions of cars have been made and sold since then, each one releasing heat-trapping gasses ? Why would 190 nations meet in Paris in December to set pollution standards if it wasn't a serious problem? Are they all stupid and uninformed? It would be humorous to argue with the facts if we weren't trying to save our only earth from becoming uninhabitable. Not in our lifetime, of course, but eventually. So let's just calmly continue to reduce pollution and get our warming under control.

Dr. Deene Weidman
Retired Scientist

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