Memories of An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

The Tradition Began in 1983!
The July 4th Ice Cream Social was started by the Auxiliary of SWRMC with a partnership with the College of William & Mary to hold it on the Wren Courtyard. It began with ladies in wide brim hats actually serving Ice Cream and cake on July 2nd and was changed to July 4th to enlarge its presence. The President of the college, Tom Graves, agreed to let the Auxiliary use the Wren Yard to serve the summertime treats. His wife Zoe, offered to store the cakes in the basement of the President's House. So the tradition began. Our own Ginny Dittman brought the idea of the Ice Cream Social to the Auxiliary involving all the other members.
Though the years, the event grew to be a highlight of the community and visitors were charmed to attend an" An Old Fashion Ice Cream Social", which brought much success to the Auxiliary fundraising. It was not about how much we made, it was about a tradition to celebrate this profound holiday on July 4th of our Colonies becoming America. Families brought quilts to sit on for all ages and through all the years, the Smith-Wade Band was our performing group to entertain while the people enjoyed large slices of cake of their choice and two scoops of Ice Cream. Hot Dogs were added along with sodas for sale, a Raffle and Children's Games. There was something for all.
This tradition ended in 2014 as the weather was a huge factor with the high heat, members getting older and times were changing. While it was very successful for 31 years, all things have a life and it ended. Memories of those good ole days are ours forever, the fun, the heat, the rain showers, the melting ice cream, the kids playing games, fabulous music, the famous print of " Awaiting the Ice Cream Social", sold at Williamsburg's 300th Anniversary by Donald Regan, Sec. of the Treasury under President Reagan, he signed every copy selling out at the Social. What a keepsake!
Those memories will be with us forever as well as our gratitude to our members and Community for all their loyal work and support through the years.
Happy Birthday America and Happy July 4th

Written by Marie Bond who worked on the Ice Cream Social for 28 years. Submitted by Amy Nervo
( I will submit photos in another message. I have gathered many wonderful pictures from over the years. The Auxiliary would be honored if you would consider printing this! Thank You! Amy- 757-810-1028

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