Serious business for the disabled

If you were disabled, and had no useful skills, what future could you look forward to? Jerry Twig, the contact man for Versability Resources, has some good options for you, which could end up teaching you an employable skill and setting you up with a good paying job.

Versability Resources, an agency for such people which started out in Virginia, now has connections on many continents. Any employer knows that his disabled workers are some of the most valued ones he has. Once committed to a skill, they are highly unlikely to quit, and put more of themselves into their work than the normal employee would. A worry that they would not keep themselves and their surroundings clean has been carefully examined and solved.

Five major US Navy ports, including one on the east and west coast, Hawaii and Guam are serviced by employees with infirmaties, as well as Naval Station Norfolk and Pearl Harbor, Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, and scores of others. Most have the disabled working along side of uniformed enlisted men. The lists of the people once thought of as "unemployable" have turned out to be a valuable industrial resource, selected and ready to train.

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