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The recent boom of the blockchain industry has made almost all of us bewildered; we found ourselves compelled to learn as much as we could about this new concept, its foundation and its potential uses. A massive flow of options regarding where to invest, thousands of startups launched continuously, but almost no elements to build up trust in this emerging market.

However, over the last months, things have started to shift in a more positive direction. A higher level of transparency paved the way for more significant expansion. More and more markets are beginning to open up and allow implementation of blockchain technologies and recreate old paradigms. Take for example Oryx - a revolutionary project that aims to decentralise access to the venture capital investments market, through the creation of a bold and groundbreaking approach.

The mechanism that is set at the core of Oryx is quite easy to understand - using the Oryx Pay module participants are permitted to buy Oryx Cash tokens; the next phase enables these coins to be invested in a series of blockchain startups or early-stage companies. After these businesses begin to become profitable, dividends are offered to their respective investors, as Oryx Coins. What can individuals do with these tokens? They can choose to exchange these coins into fiat money, trade them for other currencies or reinvest them through Oryx Cash.

However, the aspects that make Oryx a genuine and trustworthy project are numerous and don't necessarily relate only to the technology or to the processes that are part of the business proposition. Throughout its development, Oryx has proven that it dramatically values the human aspect of its work - that is why it places such a great emphasis on its team, on its relationships with the society, it's partners, or it's future clients. It's the details that are thoroughly analysed and taken into consideration; the small but firm steps that help create new foundations, brick by brick; and the open two-way communication that creates the perfect environment for innovative thinking, progress and new approaches.

Unity in diversity & value that has been proven over time Oryx is best described as a team of valuable individuals, each of them having different background and a unique experience. Their abilities, their skills, their know-how and their past results are made public and are a real sign of professionalism.

"Rome wasn't built in a day", and neither was Virginia, but was Oryx?

One step at a time - this might have been the motto for the early development stages of Oryx. That is why it's foundation was built gradually - so that it could support the multiple aspects it now offers to the market. Oryx is more than a mere ICO; that is why its strategy was never to create or implement extravagant and intensive promotion campaigns. Instead, it focused on doing extensive research, on designing and launching a series of critical products (as decentralised apps that have the primary goal to integrate Oryx's genuine digital assets). Moreover, it refused to attack its competitors or spread fear, uncertainty or doubt regarding other similar products on the market. And all of these, as you already might assume, took a lot of time and energy.

As people from Virginia understand, that thinking beyond personal needs always opens new doors...

At Oryx, every team member's input is valuable and taken into consideration. Because just like in any successful enterprises, this project is aware that communication is a multiple directions process. Only by addressing the right questions and an active debate can the best answers be found. Also, such a process can many times lead to a result that doesn't only benefit an individual or a particular group, but the entire team or the whole group (or potential group) of Oryx's stakeholders.

Virginia is adopting the first integrated independent blockchain based model, backed by real value assets

This innovative holistic approach grants access to a whole new set of features, currently unavailable through other projects. Thus, investors are helped to find and push their assets into high-competitive long-term investments that they choose - hottest startups of the day. Moreover, Oryx network has added to its group a series of companies such as Moventz, Nickets and the attractive Nihilo blockchain solutions.

A higher purpose - helping the Virginia community.

Volunteering, donating and giving back to society (regardless of the actions or gestures we choose from) has to become so much more than a trend, for all of us. That is why Oryx has already started implementing several philanthropic actions: to set an example, to demonstrate that businesses are more than just revenue or profit, to improve other people's lives, to show that crypto can have a positive social impact.

Creating a stronger utility platform, through the adoption of bright startups

Oryx added a well-known private blockchain to its network - Nihilo Private - this is an excellent tool for investments, wealth management tracking, retail and payments. Moreover, as we earlier stated, the open platform of Oryxian is a community that integrates unique digital assets, such as:

• Oryx Cash - a revolutionary utility token under the VC format, for startups investing
• Oryx Coin - a third generation POS open-source cryptocurrency.
• Oryx Pay - a hybrid crypto-fiat card (+digital wallet)

An experience that involves more than just numbers, budgets, reach or profits

A journey that started back in 2017, with the birth of the Oryx concept, is something worth mentioning. The visions, the dreams and the emotions that have been continuously growing stronger and stronger are what makes Oryx unique. The force of this project transcends numbers, financial resources; and even these aspects are important from a technical evaluation point of view, the Oryx's potential is best grasped when you understand the story of it team and when you start believing in the same dream - that creation of a platform that lowers barriers for entrepreneurs and innovators to launch their ideas on the blockchain, to create a financial ecosystem that transforms all layers of society.

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