Shannon Moody fortells the future: What's up with 64? JCC Rotary wants to know

This is the lady who knows all...when and how the work will be completed...all the way out to 295. She is an important planner and publicity director for the Allen A. Myers Company, one of the most innovative firms in the business. The project has been divided up into sectors, and Myers has the contract to build out sector #2. Where most contracts of this sort drag on for many months overrun, hers is ahead of schedule. There are many reasons for this: Myers has always insisted that his equipment be cleaned each day, and maintained to high standards. No time lost due to breakdowns there. He asks strong commitment and devotion from his employees, sometimes requiring that they work through the night to keep the job running on time. Snags get overcome quickly that way. Methods of mixing asphalt and cement are being improved constantly, resulting in a known flow of product with high reliability...All of this helps the reputation of his work with those placing contracts.

The biggest advantage Myers has in earning trust is the ability to take the job from start to finish. He can't dig tunnels, since that equipment is too specialized for him, but he can build bridges and everything else he needs. He can take a job from start to finish, even provide the cement and asphalt from his own plants. Quality control is no problem, since he controls the feed stocks.

Something that he does that is ignored by everyone else is the recycling of the used material that is ground up from the old road surface. While others just make piles of this residue for the future to dispose of, Myers has invented a process where the old "rap" is recycled into new right on the job, held together with a special bonder, and laid right back down as a new surface. And, to guarantee a high strength roadway, the mix is constantly monitored in the lab to be sure it's strong enough to support heavy trucks.

Shannon paints a rosy picture. Will we watch 64 becoming beautiful once again soon, and right on schedule?

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