Manu a young man from Romania had nowhere else to turn for his dental care. "I am coming from Romania. I just started a new job as a concierge at a local hotel, and I don't always work a full week. I just have enough income to cover rent and food. I needed so much work on my teeth that going to the dentist will cost me everything. My church told me of Lackey Clinic.
"My experience with Lackey Clinic was great," states Manu. "I was not viewed as someone needy. They gave me the confidence that the work I needed on my teeth would get done. Meeting the nurses and doctors, I am even more encouraged to come back and take care of my teeth. I am learning dental education and doing everything I can to take care of my teeth the best I can. This is the first time I learned how to use floss and how to brush my teeth and take care of my teeth. They even gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste! It has been great." Because of Lackey Clinic, I can have my teeth back." Thank you!
This is just one example of the impact that our dental clinic has made for people who are 200% below the Federal Poverty level and uninsured. Most members of our dental team are volunteers- we have a myriad of faithful dental professionals who are all experienced experts in their field. For example, one of our doctors specializes in "difficult extractions." Another one of our volunteer dentists provides root canal therapy, enabling patients to save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. Many of our patients are relatively new to the United States- sometimes barely able to speak English- and it is especially rewarding to see their fearful countenance change to peaceful gratitude as they are treated with skill and compassion.

In summary, the Lackey Dental Department has been a great blessing in many respects: dental care is provided to those who could not otherwise afford it, compassionate care serves as an encouragement to those who might otherwise be discouraged, and volunteers are given a great opportunity to give back to their fellow man. In 2017 we were able to provide dental care to 783 patients which include 6,006 procedures.

Thank you to the Virginia Health Care Foundation for providing the funds that enables us to take care of the dentally needy in our community.

William T. Griffin, DDS
Dental Director
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