The Monitor lives on...

Not yet ready to rejoin the fleet, but the first of the steam-powered, iron clad class of battleships is slowly returning to life in a laboratory at the Mariners' Museum in Newport News. For 150 years she lay on the floor of the Atlantic, but now has been found using deep water sounders, and is slowly giving up her secrets. 14 sailors went down with her in a storm off the coast of Georgia during the Civil War, after a blockade-breaking battle which rendered all of the world's wooden battleships obsolete..

The Mariners' Museum has been designated the official site of all artifacts of the Monitor. It will take many more years to complete her conservation, and a group of researchers are employed there to carry out the work. She is an important relic in the history of our nation's advancement in the skills of marine warfare.

Mr. Will Hoffman is the Director of Marine Conservation at the Museum. He took us through the process of stabilizing the remains, from discovery up to the present time.

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