The Philippines: A Global Hero!

The Philippines have revolutionized outsourcing in less than twenty years. They have created an industry dedicated to serving the global need for high quality, outsourced labor. The country has become a global hero; champions of the industry.

In 2000, the country was nothing more than a blip on the global radar as an outsourcing destination. The few companies in existence that specialized in outsourcing at the turn of the century were still in the start-up phase of their life cycle. The industry's revenue was less than US$250 million annually, and they employed less than 5,000 Filipinos. In less than twenty years, the country went from a blip to the global leader in the outsourcing industry. They have surpassed every country and developed a reputation for excellence.

The Philippine BPO industry began their rise to global domination at the turn of the century. In the first four years, the industry had more than doubled the number of its employees and their annual revenue. Over the next twenty years, the industry has doubled repeatedly so much so it has grown exponentially. The industry began by offering contact center and other BPO-related services to the English speaking world.

The United States was the first country to support the Filipino business processes industry. As their reputation for excellence continued to grow, many other English speaking countries and companies began sending their customer service and back-office outsourcing requirements to the Philippines. The industry continued to grow. The Philippines, today,provides BPO services to more than the English speaking world. There has been an increasing demand for Asian and other European languages. The Philippines has been quick to recognize the global needs and create a space for it in the industry. Currently, the fastest growing BPO sectors are content moderation and iGaming support services. Technology plays a huge part in the BPO industry. As technology changes, the industry also changes to reflect global demands.

There are companies of all sizes offering outsourced services to the global community. There are well established players and startups, all of which are catering to the growing demand.

Piton-Global is an award-winning BPO provider in the Philippines. The company reflects the country's industry as a provider of high-quality outsourced services.

The Philippine BPO industry has become a global hero in less than twenty years. The annual revenue has grown exponentially from less than US$250 million to over US$30 billion within the time frame. The industry started with less than 5,000 employees; it now employs close to 1.5 million Filipinos. The BPO industry has had a major impact on the world and the country. It helped shape the Filipino economy into a booming one.

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