The top ideas for adventure travel in Southeast Asia.

A trip to Southeast Asia doesn't necessarily mean you eat and lay on the beautiful beaches. This is an area with a lot that you can do and have more fun. Travel in Southeast Asia and engage in some activities that will leave you excited and leave your heart pumping. There are so many activities that you can engage in and in this article we are going to be discussing some of this top ideas for adventure in this region and of course where to find them.

Kayaking. A boat is really not necessary in Southeast Asia Tour ! Kayaking is the real deal, the waterways in Southeast Asia are always fit so you have nothing to worry about. You can find this activities in Vietnam, Cambodia and the rivers of Laos. One of the best places know for kayaking activities is the famous Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. You will be given an option of a short kayak trip and we can assure you that you are going to love it. If you enjoy too much you can go ahead and enjoy it all day. There are no restrictions on the amount of time you should spend kayaking. In Cambodia make sure to visit Tonle Sap Lake for this activities. Cambodia is not all about exploring the Angkor temples, there is more to this country than you can ever imagine. Spend your lovely afternoon kayaking in Tonle Sap Lake and experience an unforgettable moment. Kayaking is done in Nam Khan River when you are in Laos. The kayaking activities are also available in Thailand (Phang Nga Bay) and in Myanmar (Inle Lake).

River rafting. You need a strong heart for this. But what's the fun if there is no risk involved? River rafting will leave your heart pumping but it will be worth it as it will be an unforgettable moment. Indonesia boasts to have the best rivers for this activities but you can be sure to try the activities in Thailand and Malaysia as well. The rapids in Ayung River, Indonesia are very welcoming to the beginners but make sure to be there during the dry seasons as during the rainy seasons the rapids can be a little bit tricky for the newcomers. Be prepared to pay a small fee as an appreciation for the good services. You can also find River Rafting activities in Padas River, Malaysia and in Pai River, Northern Thailand.

Scuba diving. Southeast Asia offers some of the best scuba diving spots in the world! You can actually scuba dive in any coast in Southeast Asia but to make it simpler for you, we are going to help you with some of the best scuba diving spots in this region. Koh Tao in Thailand is one of the best scuba diving spot in Southeast Asia if not in the world. You can even go scuba diving twice each and every day. If you are in Philippines then make sure you avail yourself in Malapasuca and enjoy some scuba diving like you never did before! Indonesia also have an excellent scuba diving spot in Gili islands.

Canyoning. Whitewater rafting without a raft! Amazing right? Canyoning is a combination of swimming, hiking, cliff jumping, rappelling, and rock slides. This is something that you should not miss if you want your travel in Southeast Asia to be unforgettable. The Kawasan falls in Philippines are one of the best places for this adventurous activity. The water slides, hiking, swimming, and rappelling down a rope as well as lots of cliff jumps including one which is 30 meters is fun as it is scary. In Vietnam make sure to visit Da Lat for this activities. The Canyoning activities in Da Lat don't have a lot of rappelling as the ones in Philippines but they are also very entertaining. Be sure to try out Canyoning activities in Bali, Indonesia. The swimming through caves, rappelling down the waterfalls and swimming through the white waters are some of the things that makes Bali irresistible and makes the Canyoning activities unforgettable.

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