The ways in which we communicate, or don't. Presentation to JCC Rotary Club

Gary Plaag is very fact, it's his profession. He is the lead consultant and owner of Couragio Consulting, whose business is coaching individuals and companies in the art of communication. When you listen to his lecture, you realize how we sabotage our own discussions by the way we present ourselves. He has a few rules to follow, and if we do our talks will be much more persuasive.

With a master's degree from George Mason University and 20 years of experience helping individual and companies communicate successfully, rules of conduct have emerged. In an argument, side with the opposition on at least one of their points. Observe what they really are after, and help them with a way of achieving it. If they perceive that you are wrong, feel free to admit it. If this does not calm the waters, then apologize for your error. The next step, if necessary, is to beg for forgiveness, and finally, to ask how the problem could have been avoided in the first place and to prevent its ever occurring again.

In short, be familiar with your materials, and try to feel as one with your audience. Practice control of body language, which is crucial. If you still need more help, call Mr. Plaag in New Town for a refresher!

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