This is the first Building Block needed to Fix-up and upgrade any Community, State or Nation

Building Block #1 is "Kits". A kit is an item that is not finished or Assembled. The item has been worked on in a Wood Shop, or other shop, and is then given to a finisher or assembler to work on at home. By having the kit finished in a home, the cost of completing the kit can be kept below the cost of an import.

One of the most important aspects of kits, is that they can be "Dropped into an individuals home" no matter how bad the Economic conditions are. Then the kit can then be picked up from the individuals house, and taken out of the community and sold below the imports, and at a higher price.

Kits can put money into the hands of those that need it the most.

Kits can spur manufacturing in the affected community.

Kits can stop the communities further decline.

Kits can also bring much needed training to a community.

Since Kits can be made up of about any products, they are able to help almost any community.

To come to a close, Kits can bring about so many changes, I can't mention them all. King "KITS"

Jack Kendall
United States Chief Economic Architect

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