Williamsburg Firefighters

The storm that struck our home on Thursday June 25th was a violent one. At 9 months pregnant i had recently found myself in bed and asleep by 8:30 and that night was no different. Around 11pm my husband and I were awoken by a banging on our front door. We hurriedly rushed through the house soaked in sweat from adrenaline pushing through our bodies. At the door we found my husbands father and sister who had driven over an hour from Portsmouth to give us the terrible news that my husbands mother had committed suicide earlier that day. The shock from the news was too much to take in, we just couldn't understand it. It was like someone had dumped out a 1,000 puzzle pieces with no picture to guide. Shortly after their arrival the sounds of a wild storm started baring down upon us. They left quickly to be on the safe side. Within minutes after their departure lightening struck our house and started a fire the spread quickly. Before we were able to digest the information of my mother-in-laws passing we were standing in the rain barefoot and in pajamas watching our home run away under the light of a magnificent lightening storm. The firefighter crews rushed to our Toano home and were quickly took out the fire. We felt broken hearted in so many ways. Just a short period of time before our first baby was to arrive we lost a loved family member and our home. At a time when all felt lost the fire fighters that arrived at our home became exactly what we needed. They allowed us back inside after the fire was contained and helped sift through our belongings to get what we needed for the night. They were wonderful helping us through the process. On Saturday morning we were moving out the salvageable items when the firefighters came back by to check on us. Not only did they address us by our first names, but they wanted to be sure we were ok. Their quick response to our fire and fighting it in a storm, their genuine care for our wellbeing and friendly faces meant everything to us. We are so thankful to all of the firefighters who arrived at our home that night...most of which are volunteer fire fighters. While our home won't be ready for 4-6months and we lost items that were meaningful we gained a whole new respect for the firefighters in our community. We want to thank everyone who has stepped up to help us out in our time of need and for the prayers that have poured in and have lifted us up.

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