Dominion Energy wins final Corps of Engineers permit for James River line

The Army  Corps of Engineers has issued a final permit allowing Dominion Energy to build a high voltage transmission line across the James River, from Surry County to Skiffes Creek in James City County.

Dominion has said it needs to line to ensure reliable power supply to the Peninsula and to make sure that transmission problems here don't spread more widely. 

Historic preservation groups said the line, which will run on towers across the James, would desecrate the site of the first English settlement in the United States.

Dominion is slated to ask James City County supervisors on July 11 to approve a permit to build a switching station to connect the line to the rest of its grid.

Opponents had said Dominion could have opted for other ways to deliver power, including an underwater connection, but the Corps acted after finding the only other practically feasible route, down the length of the Peninsula, would impact more historic sites and wetlands than the river crossing. 

Dominion has said it would cost about $180 million to build the line and has agreed to a $91 million plan to mitigate environmental impact.

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