Last Word, March 4: Quality is gone

A heartfelt thanks for a thoughtful kindness in a family's time of need.

Thank you

Sgt. Thomas Johnson is an outstanding police officer. He helped me in my great time of need, and I want everyone to know how thankful I was when he was there and I had a flat tire.

My husband died recently. My son from out of town went to a local restaurant for breakfast and told the waitress that he was in a hurry because his father had just died. When he asked for the check, the waitress said that somebody else had already paid for him. So, whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring, your generosity and your compassion.  I hope that you can see this. God bless you.

Quality is gone

It’s no wonder that Penney’s is going bankrupt.  The high quality house branded work clothing products which I have worn for the last 25 years have been discontinued and replaced with other stuff, mostly with brand names I do not recognize and probably of dubious quality.

Dental insurance

I am not “that” dentist, but…To the people writing to say they are leaving their dentist because the dentist no longer accepts their insurance:  Did you even enter into a conversation as to why they were dropping this “well-known” insurance?  If you had, you would probably have found out that most all dental insurances have kept their benefits to patients relatively unchanged for decades, yes decades (and I’m sure your premiums have increased most every year),  dental insurance reimbursement rates to dentists are rarely revised to keep pace with inflation and the method they use to determine what they will pay a provider is a closely held “trade-secret” that holds little to no connection with the cost of doing business.  CHKD had to threaten to drop Anthem to get their reimbursements revised upward. Small offices probably like your dentist’s (and mine) have no such power, and our only recourse is to not be a participating provider for these insurance companies that put their own profits first and leave their policy holders with plans that cost more and cover less every year, and then ask the providers to absorb a bigger burden of the cost.  In this equation, the dentist loses, the patient loses, and the insurance companies keep making record profits.


I highly recommend Greene’s Lawns & Trees for any tree removal. They’re perfectionists. They clean up even every last leaf or stick. I’ve used them before in the past. They don’t come in with heavy equipment and make deep ruts in your yard, and I just think they’re the best in the area. You can contact them at 757-810-4771. That’s Greene’s Lawns & Trees. They are perfect if you need to have any limbs or trees removed. They take pride in their work.

Inconvenient bike race

Well, here we go again!  Newman Road, Centerville Road, Croaker Road all messed up for a stupid bike race. Why do we spend probably 65 million dollars to build a 50-mile bike lane that goes to Richmond when they refuse to use it?

Looking for ...

I have an ice cream scoop from the 1800s, a gas lamp from the 1930s and green glass jars. I was wondering if anybody might know which antique store or shop might be interested in purchasing these items or selling them for me at consignment. Call me at 564-8001.

Does anyone know a tree climber who climb the trees and remove limbs?  Thank you.

Is there a walking group on DoG Street?  I’m interested in walking weekly or daily. Thank you.

Just curious

I recently downgraded my television coverage from Cox, since many of the channels we previously received we never watched. One of the channels I knew I would lose was Fox Business News channel. Fine. But then after the change was made, when I went on the internet to try and live-stream Fox Business News, I found my internet service (I have Cox internet) would not let me do it. Finally, when I tried to tune my in-house satellite radio to Fox Business News via my wireless router, I found that I also can no longer do that. Could this situation present a problem for Cox under the “anti-tying” provisions of the Clayton Federal Anti-Trust laws, or is it just my Luddite technical knowledge of cable preventing me from such access? 

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