Last Word, Sept. 10: Killings and a lost dog

The Virginia Gazette

Stop the killing

Another policeman has been

killed today, on Sept. 1st, in the

Chicago area, murdered down

senselessly, just like the Texas

policeman or deputy that was trying

to put gas in his cruiser and was

shot 15 times in cold blood. But yet,

does the administration come out

and say, "Ye shall not kill"? Police

officers are protecting us, they are

putting their lives at risk every

single day for all of us and does the

administration come out and say

anything, that we need to quit this

senseless killing? We have blacks

killing blacks, whites killing whites,

vice versa—blacks killing whites,

whites killing blacks. We need to

quit this senseless killing. They are

destroying humans. We need to

think about that.

So a member of the sheriff's

department gets shot in head,

execution style, 15 times, when he's

at a gas pump. Then we have this

big rally, anti-police, saying, "Fry like

bacon." Are we going to charge the

person with a hate crime? Are we

going to charge those protesters if

they do any harm, with hate crimes?

Again, nothing from the Obama

Administration and its Justice

Department on the latest "Hate

Crime," a black man kills a white

police officer, only reason because

he's white. The black community is

always claiming discrimination.

Well, if this isn't discrimination by

our Justice Department, I don't

know what is.

Tarnished silver

I find it very amusing when our

local newspapers, the Daily Press

and The Virginia Gazette, use such

phrases directed at our elected

politician here. They refer to him as

"our prominent attorney." Well, I

think that term should be used very,

very loosely. When you marry into

and lick on a silver spoon,

sometimes it gets tarnished.

Somebody told me if you work on a

farm and step in it, there you are.


William and Mary should take the Confederate battle flag off its mace, but they should replace it with the national flag of the Confederacy. Recognize the nation, not the battle. Recognize all the people, not just a few. It is not slavery they recognize. Thank you.

A curiosity question. We are eliminating all facets of the past on the Confederacy. I have not heard about the North, the people that are known as "Yankees." Are they eliminating their flag, whatever it is called, and taking down statues to Grant, McClellan and all those—whatever you call them—Northern or Union soldiers? They were part of the Civil War, too. Correct?

Lost dog

Looking for a lost dog, Lily, that is missing from the Powhatan Secondary neighborhood. She is a female, white Jack Russell terrier, about seven years old, 10 to 15 pounds, very sweet, friendly dog. Been missing now for about seven days. If anyone knows about her whereabouts, could you please contact Pablo Gonzalez at area code 757-268-1992? She has a little coffee stain—I would call it—above her ear. Thank you so much.

Where are the jobs?

According to a special on PBS, "America ReFramed," since 2001, 132,000 factories have left the United States, resulting in more than 6,000,000 jobs lost. And you question why Donald Trump is saying, "We need to stop letting our jobs go to Mexico and to China and overseas. American jobs need to be in America." That's a huge loss.

Case in point

Like this to be entitled, "USA, case in point." You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. Thank you.

Traffic woes

Well, the old VDOT engineer must be back, the one who screwed up just about every intersection in Williamburg/James City County. I just can't wait until they open the two left-turn lanes between Monticello and Ironbound Road. Two left lanes going where, may I ask? One I can understand. Two? You got to be kidding me. Again, I'm going to put my application in for an engineer for the VDOT of Virginia. I think I qualify.

Seeking Escape

Thanks to the person for publishing the SiriusXM customer advocacy number of 866-635-7541 to register one's complaint about the omission of the Escape channel from Sirius radio, Channel 69. Wonderful program, wonderful music. Shame on Sirius. Thanks.

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