Last Word for Sept. 12: zoning changes

Busy bird feeders

I have several bird feeders. Until recently, 3 or 4 (of 10) stations were occupied at any time (sparrow, goldfinch, chickadee, etc.). Recently, 8 to 10 stations have constantly been occupied. Why? I know severe dry heat in midsummer devastated many farm grain fields. Were wild/ natural bird feeds also affected? Anybody know why the great increase in birds at the feeders?

Zoning change

I understand a fellow resident's reasons for opposing a change from R-1 to A-1 zoning for one property in our neighborhood in Last Word. But I object to the comment "the residents who are aware of the request are opposed to it happening." I am aware and am not opposed. I have no concern for perceived diseases two horses may carry, especially since two veterinarians own them, I do not think it will lower our property values, and the owners are required to follow specific directions to avoid increased waste run-off. Setting a precedent for other larger properties in the neighborhood to request the same change is a reasonable concern, however. I hope when this is resolved either way, that the bitterness will dissipate quickly in our beautiful and welcoming neighborhood.


Thanks to the Ripley's Believe or Not museum for their locals' special for September. We had a great time on a rainy day. It was fun and funny and not too gruesome, like some places.

We had our front doors refinished by Tim Hunter and his son, Dillion, T&H Painting, LLC, 757-634-4581. They worked two laborious days restoring our doors to their original beauty, for a great price. We recommend them highly for their work and cleanliness.

Thanks to the person who recommended Aticha Thai Restaurant in the Williamsburg Shopping Center (Monticello and Richmond roads). It is wonderful! Really great Thai food, and we add our recommendation!

If you are looking for dependable gutter cleaning, I recommend Pro Gutter Cleaning, 565-6302. Alan Oncken has been reliable for several years cleaning my gutters. He recently put covers on my gutters, at a far cheaper price than other quotes, so I will no longer need him to clean my gutters. But I wanted to recommend an honest and reliable person to take care of your gutters (and maybe even put covers on them).

There is a wonderful shop in the Colony Square shopping center called "Artfully Yours" where anyone, no matter how "artsy" you are, can sit and explore one's creative side. The shop is well-lit, staffed by friendly and enthusiastic personnel and encourages all to have fun! Stop by or visit their web site and enjoy the experience.

I would like to thank Sal's Restaurant on Capitol Landing for their wonderful food and excellent service last night. The Paws & Claws Pet Sitting staff truly enjoyed themselves!

Free to you

Thrift stores, EBay-ers, UPS/FedEx? Does anyone want plastic bubble wrap…used, but clean? I have a huge bag full of it. Where can I drop it off? Thanks!

Why so hostile?

I can't believe the person who decided to have a conversation in the middle of a parking lot considered the other person trying to get out as being rude. The first act of being inconsiderate was not taking their conversation to a place not in the way. The same goes for the rules of the road, you want to drive move slowly, move to the right, you want to make a turn, use your signal, etc. People being just plain inconsiderate is the problem.

Silent protests

Disrespecting a flag or disrespecting a human life? I thought the flag stood for our rights. How can a silent protest hurt anyone? Maybe we should take a look into what is being protested. Again, why can't the soccer team protest because it offends a flag?

The person who wrote the letter about the right of peaceful protest and free speech under the First Amendment is right on cue. He stated he fought so people could say what they wanted without fear of arrest. I completely agree with him, but although we have freedom of speech we are not free of the consequences of that speech. Like the writer, I fought and bled for my flag and I love my country. I support the right of peaceful protest and I, too, can protest. I will protest through the pocketbook and will not attend nor support any organization that allows that disrespect. That is my right of free speech.

Library book sale

Yes, why did the Friends of the Library have the book sale on the weekend of the Occasion for the Arts? I went by twice to get into the parking lot and couldn't find parking either time. So, what is a person to do? I hope next year they don't have it at the same time. It confuses and complicates things. Thank you.

Handicapped parking

Sometimes it makes me crazy watching people who get out of their vehicles that are in handicap spots run to the store because it's raining or they are in a hurry. I wonder how many of them purchased their sticker on the web, or got a photocopy of grandma's. Please think before you use these spaces! There are folks out there who really need them; unfortunately I am one of them. I would trade places with anyone who could walk from across the parking lot...I haven't taken a step in four years.

Driving rules

Virginia drivers pass on the right because the slow traffic is always in the left lane.

Road improvement

A big cheers to VDOT for making the area in front of Bruton High School to Airport Road no passing. This has been a very dangerous situation as any high school student exiting the high school could have run head on into someone passing in that area. And the intersection at Airport Road has seen multiple, multiple accidents. Thank you so much for completing this no passing zone. Too slow? Just wait—it's a very short distance. Be careful out there.

Looking for ...

An envelope was found on Fenton Mill Road. A name and several dates are on the outside. If you are the owner and can identify the outside information and the contents, it can be returned. Email to:

In response to the Oct. 8 Last Word in which someone wrote in and is in need of a cleaning lady. I am very pleased with my cleaning lady, Doris. I have used her for many years and have always been pleased. She's also a very warm, compassionate person. She can be reached at 757-814-3042. She has many references 'cause I referred her! Thank you.

We are looking for recommendations for companies that have a good reputation for mold removal in a crawl space. Does anyone have someone they have used and would recommend?

Does anyone know, on Croaker Road and Moss Side Road, what the new road in the woods there is going to be? Thank you.

MinuteMen Makers is a local group teaching engineering, electronics and programming to kids and adults. We have a new location donated to us by Mr. Craig Peck of GizMoes/Radio Shack. We are in the process of setting up the facility and in need of any of the following: Tables, chairs, hand and power tools, electronic test equipment, power supplies, sewing machine, old copy machines are great and other things. Please call Steve for more info 258-0910. Thank you.

To the person in search of a professional gas fireplace craftsman to do a routine tune-up, I would recommend using TapRoot. They can be reached at 757-229-3722.

One good turn ...

I wanted to thank the person who told me where I can watch or record Dr. Oz. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The last two days, I've been watching Dr. Oz because before it was a different channel. I want to thank you very much. You can ask me, too, if you need anything. Bye.

Book sale

Why did the Friends of the Library have the book sale on the weekend of An Occasion for the Arts? I tried to go, but there was no place to park. So, what is a person to do? I hope next year they don't do it that way. Thank you.

Protect the deer

I hope no one hurts the deer. The deer are the most beautiful and harmless animals God has created. All they do, is come and eat some vegetables or vegetation. But look how the highways, the houses—they have taken every one of the deer's home away from them. What do you want them to do? They are the most beautiful creatures God has created, and they're 100% harmless. They never do any harm—they don't fight—they're very, very beautiful. Thank you.

Stashed away

The State Attorney General now has found a Virginia state employee who hid in a storage unit between 20-30 boxes of documents from veterans applying for benefits. This employee from the Virginia Department of Veterans Services was fired when unfiled claims were found in her office in 2015. The documents were found when the former employee's storage unit was seized for nonpayment. The stuff in the storage unit was auctioned off and the person who bought it found the records and immediately notified law enforcement.

Free to you

We had a large oak tree fall in our front yard. If you would like free firewood, it's yours. Bring your chain saw and truck to 107 Raintree Way in Williamsburg (close to Sentara).

Food waste

I see this day in and day out, where I have worked for several years in customer service at local grocery stores. Consumers who return refrigerated or frozen product back for credit because they bought the wrong item. I'm writing to inform /educate consumers that all returned refrigerated or frozen products cannot be restocked and sold or donated to local food banks. Your "mistakes" are being destroyed and thrown into the trash. So, the next time you err in a food choice, please find a way to use your mistake, alter your recipe or tell your family "tough smiles!" America has enough food waste as it is!

Confusing paperwork

My husband and I keep getting these forms. We have always been registered to vote. Now they arrive addressed to our adult children. They have lived in different states for 25 years. These latest say second notice. Why are we getting them this year? Does anyone know what this is about?

A free ride

There is a man that hangs around Settler's Market place begging for money for the bus. Just so that you're aware, he arrives there on the bus and because the bus service in Williamsburg is so awesome he gets to ride the bus all day long with his original ticket that only costs $1 in most cases. He's gotten pretty good at his puppy dog face, and I in the past have given in, but no more.

Just follow orders

Just think! If the persons shot by police had responded to the police officers command, they would be alive today.

Cat problems

As a follow-up to previous Last Word comments about house cats, according to the 0ctober 2016 issue of the Smithsonian, the International Union for Conservation of Nature ranks house cats as one of the 100 worst invasive species."They are natural predators" and "by one calculation, a breeding pair of cats could produce 354,294 descendants in five years, if all survived." Also according to the article, "house cats hunt more than 1000 species"—that includes birds and small mammals. The take away is obvious: Keep cats indoors!

Great work

I wanted to thank Williamsburg Ford body shop for an incredible job that they did repairing my Mazda 2. The work inside and out was incredible—excellent detailing—I really want to thank them. Anybody looking for a good body shop, go to Williamsburg Ford body shop on Rochambeau. I would also like to thank my GEICO claims adjuster. He was incredible checking up on me and making sure everything was progressing forward. Thank you.

Presidential politics

I have voted Republican for more years than I can remember. But not this time, for the simple reason that there is no longer a Republican Party. It is now a party which has been hijacked by a bigoted foul mouthed bully who has no idea of what constitutes a civil discourse between principled adversaries. He also doesn't have the faintest idea of what the traditional Republican values stand for. I am not very happy about the Democratic nominee either. Therefore I will sit this one out. I am saddened by the failure of our electoral process to provide a decent choice and can only hope that, in the future, we will have better choices.

Just got our first Hillary lawn sign, delivered by the James City County Democratic Committee chairman. He advised we bring it in after dark because over 1000 have been stolen in the subdivision across the street. I'm so disgusted with Trump, his Trumpeteers and their hypocrisy. They lie, cheat, and steal so easily and think everybody else practices the same dishonesty. Not all are bad apples, but they are the ones by which we judge the barrel. It's called "trickle-down immorality."

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