Last Word on Shakespeare, Oct. 19

Shakespeare fest

How incredibly sad that the Virginia Shakespeare Festival is ending after 38 glorious years, and that the citizens of a supposed intellectual arts mecca like Williamsburg didn't rally to support it. Enjoy your Kardashians and cat videos, folks; the Bard is dead in the Burg.

Book sale

I am correcting a comment made about a "Book Sale" that took place during the Oct. 1 An Occasion for the Arts event. Neither the "Friends" nor the Library scheduled this book signing. It was promoted by a group known as "Williamsburg Book Festival," a separate and independent organization. The next "Friends" book sale will be in the Spring of 2017.

Silent protests

I understand NFL TV viewing is down about 20% this year. I wonder if others feel as I do. To see the games, I either pay a bundle to go to the stadium, or endure countless stupid commercials to watch it at home. For that, I expect to see outstanding professionals dazzle us with their playing prowess. I don't enjoy watching people indulge in their private protests. Whether or not their issues are legitimate, that's their business and not mine for me to waste my time or money on. Who do these guys think they are?

Sporting Events are not the place to protest because it reflects on the whole team that may or may not agree with the person protesting. So far the protesting person seems to be more about self promoting. When asked why, they sound like the 30-second sound bites that are heard on the TV.

For those who defend kneeling rather than standing for the National Anthem and the American flag and state that action is protected by the First Amendment in court, flipping the bird has been protected by the First Amendment, too.

Handicapped parking

Virginia could very easily reduce the abuse of blue handicapped hang tags by requiring the photograph of the person it was issued to to be clearly displayed on the tag.

Best wishes

A happy retirement is wished to Al Adelgren from Williamsburg Flooring. The many customers, like myself and our family, wish him well in his retirement.

A great ride

Thank you to the National Park Service for repaving the loop road on Jamestown Island. What was once a very bumpy bike ride is now a smooth glide through the woods and wetlands. It's a great place for a family outing, especially on the free admission days.


I recommend Haynes Drains and Plumbing, (804) 641-4654, for any plumbing work. They installed a garbage disposal for me recently and did a wonderful job. Good local company.

We have used United Pest Control for years for annual inspections and mold/fungus treatment/control, and they have taken good care of us.

Just want to publicly thank Jamestown Window for the great job they did power washing my house on Tuesday. I have used them twice before and was always very satisfied with the results and with the work ethic of the crew. This year the mold was so bad because of the heat and humidity that I thought I would have to paint my front door but after the power wash, it looked like new. Thank you, Jamestown!

If you want a screen porch or deck built, I highly recommend OutBack Construction (757-868-1363 or The crew was professional and meticulous. They kept the work area clean and did a wonderful job building our porch. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ and so do I.

Too many deer

First, let me state that I'm a member of the NRA, but at the same time believe that any sport hunting is a coward's sport. The shooting of anything, whether human or animal who is unarmed is just plain wrong. Also, before anyone writes in about the over population of starving deer and therefore the need for hunting, you can say the same about the starving human over population.

An endorsement

Congressman Wittman has been an outstanding representative, for both Democrats and Republicans. He's honest, smart, and passionate about our community and our country. He's trying hard to do the right things for us and he deserves our vote in the upcoming election.

Collectible history

If anyone is able to give me their used presidential yard signs for either Trump or Clinton (both appreciated) after the election or any other items you might have, please email me at My son is a history teacher and I am trying to collect election paraphernalia for him for future years. Thanks so much!

Ballot measures

We are dismayed to read of several significant ballot measures for the upcoming election. We need to know the pros and cons, the arguments for and against and the counter arguments! These are not issues to be casually checked off on a ballot. There are important and lasting ramifications! Please tell us the League of Women voters will have a program for us to hear about the issues or that a mailer will be sent out with the sponsors' and opposers' positions and reasoning.

Bus turns

I am not a current bus driver, but they are making the turn correctly at Warhill and Richmond roads. Where there are two left turn lanes, it is impossible in most instances to turn a long wheel base bus left in the left lane without encroaching into the right turning lane and possible causing an accident. Busses, gooseneck horse trailers and tractor trailers require a larger turning radius than is marked on the roadway.

Looking for …

To the person in search of a professional gas fireplace craftsman to do a routine tune-up: I would recommend using TapRoot. They can be reached at 757-229-3722.

MinuteMen Makers is a local group teaching engineering, electronics and programming to kids and adults. We have a new location donated to us by Mr.Craig Peck of GizMoes/Radio Shack. We are in the process of setting up the facility and in need of any of the following: Tables, chairs, hand and power tools, electronic test equipment, power supplies, sewing machine, (old copy machines are great) and other things. Please call Steve for more information at 258-0910. Thank you.

Has anybody heard anything or seen anything about the Tricare Prime Clinic coming to Williamsburg?

I sure hope someone out there is enjoying my TV Guide magazine, as the Post Office is certainly not delivering it accurately. Thank you.

To the person looking for someone to clean house every 2-3 weeks: May I recommend Michelle,757-613-8074. She is honest, fairly priced, and does a great job throughout.

I, too, clean houses thoroughly and at reasonable rates. I am dependable and have excellent references. Karen Washington, 757-603-0899; cell phone, 757-879-2522. Thank you very much.

I am hoping that someone can give me a recommendation for a person who can insulate under my house. The insulation is old, and I would like to have it replaced. So, thank you if you can do that.

I am a local music teacher in search of ukuleles for my students along with any other musical equipment you would be willing to donate. Please contact Chelsea at Thank you!

The Williamsburg Charity Group is in need of a refrigerator in good condition for donation. Call 757-506-4274.

Does anybody have any recommendations for people to put up Christmas lights outside?

Price check

I have always tried to "sanity check" my prescription pricing. I have my physician write my "maintenance" scrips for a year's supply and then seek bulk discount prices. I recently got a scrip for an cheap, entry-level, generic diuretic drug. I went to five different stores; four of which were within a 1.5 mile circle of each other here in Williamsburg and one on Jefferson Avenue in Newport News. All five quoted me prices from the same manufacturer. The prices were $53.60, $43.50, $40.60, $37.50 and $29.58. Needless to say, it obviously pays to shop around when it comes to medications.

Clean it up

If no one is going to do anything about the discarded bedding that for more than a month has adorned a drive entrance at Jamestown and Oxford, maybe the Board of Supervisors should bow to the inevitable and name the locality Box Springs (Southern Gateway to Williamsburg).

Free to you

Yes, anyone interested in black walnuts: You may come to my yard. I live at 911 Coleman Drive in Williamsburg. I had a lot of people come here last year. Come prepared to pick them off the ground. They are still dropping every day from the tree. Black walnuts. My phone number is 757-645-0791. Whoever came last year, you are welcome to come back. I had wonderful people who just came and took the walnuts, and they're free. Thank you.

Power upgrade?

Does anyone know when Skipwith Farms in the city of Williamsburg is going to get underground electrical wiring?

Thoughtful words

Yes, I just read a Scripture from the Bible this morning, and I'd like to share it: "If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land." I hope this is printed. Thank you.

Presidential politics

Our rights are coupled to our responsibilities! Of all places in America, we who live so close to where American self government had its beginnings have a moral responsibility to be involved, aware, educated, and Vote.

Yes, I will be so glad when this stupid election is over. Both sides need to put it to rest. I always vote Democrat, but after I saw who was running, Hillary Clinton, who you people support, is a crock. She's a liar—can look you in the face and lie—and then she rubs it off like she doesn't care. We have poor choices on both sides, and God help our country!

I just read the article in the Last Word (Oct. 12), talking about Hillary signs—more than 1,000 have been stolen in a nearby subdivision. I had an Obama sign stolen four years ago from my yard, and I've learned from that to simply not put a sign out like that because some people are just disrespectful about people and issues and politicians they don't agree with. It's better to just not put signs like that out. Just a thought.

Yes, I can understand why Paul Ryan turned his back on Donald Trump. Paul Ryan's wife is a liberal Democrat, and she is influencing Paul Ryan. So, if you don't believe it, google it. There's a lot of answers out there about that. Janna Ryan—her last name used to be Little—is from a long line of Democrats. So, this is the problem. We've got Democrats infiltrating into the Republican core. Thank you.

Dear Hillary supporters, please stop calling non-supporters names. Please stop insulting us. Please stop—just leave us alone. Just because we don't share your views does not mean we are a bunch of ignorant idiots. This is what makes America great. We are all entitled to our own views.

After this election cycle, the phrase "Trump" is going to mean more than just having your trick taken away from you in bridge. It's going to mean the kind of behavior that has been perpetrated over the years by the Republican candidate, including bankruptcy and sexually aggressive, bad behavior.

In casting a vote Nov. 8, remember the impact federal courts can have on the fundamental religious freedoms of Christians and how your vote could affect the future of Gospel proclamation in America.

To the person who has voted Republican "for more years than I can remember," I have a request: Please do not sit this election out; doing so is tantamount to voting for the candidate you have described as "a bigoted, foul-mouthed bully." Hold your nose if you must, but please don't let your non-vote benefit a totally unacceptable candidate.

The hacked Clinton emails show that wealthy Catholics are being mocked in the media for baptizing their children in the Jordan River. Catholics are upset about Clinton and her staff making fun of Catholics. Population wise, Catholics make up about 20% of our population and polls indicate that 60% of Catholics support Clinton. Trump's campaign is now using this as a major talking point.

Lest we forget, Donald Trump's "locker room talk" was not made in a locker room; it was made in a work place.

This is a reply to the person who is so disgusted with Donald and Hillary that he/she is "considering sitting this one out." That would be a big mistake! Not to vote would not be considered a protest, but rather as disinterest. The only way to protest is to vote for a third party candidate. Then, too, you want to vote for "down ticket" candidates.

I can bet that most women, especially those who work outside the home, have had to deal with unwanted advances by the opposite sex. These dirty tricks and digging up people who say they were groped or were the recipients of unwanted kisses—well, join the rest of us! But to try to use these allegations against a candidate running for an office, regardless of its importance, is a cheap and dirty trick. Boys will be boys, men will be men. Some just have to try to push as far as they can. And you, ladies, letting yourself be used, is sad. Thank you.

Yes, I am very surprised and disappointed that the news media in our state did not cover and put into print and on TV about Franklin Graham's speeches that he made in front of the Capitol Building Oct. 12, with thousands and thousands of people there. It's as though they want to take God out of our nation, and this is what our nation was founded on. It's very important. If we lose favor with God, then we lose our country. Thank you.

Yes, are we expected to support a candidate for president that uses the quotation, "I do not recall" in 20 of her answers that were under oath? What would she not recall in trying to run our country? Not a good situation, in my opinion. Thank you.

What is with Trump's hatred for Mexicans? According to him they are all murderers, rapists, thieves, whatever. Judges cannot be fair if they have any Mexican blood in their DNA. Now he "knows" a real billionaire from Mexico is at the heart of one of his newest conspiracy theory. Is there no end to this man's idiocy?

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