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Stryker building - What style architecture is the new Stryker building? It certainly is not a positive addition to the business/government area of the City of Williamsburg. My summer guests thought it was a car wash. What was the City Council thinking?

I'm sitting, looking at the new Stryker building and, like the other person said, how did this get by the architectural review board? It certainly doesn't look anything at all colonial to me and right here, in the middle of the city, I think it is probably a disgrace to the board and other people that want to build things to suit them and they are held to such strict construction rules. Not fair.

I have to agree that the emerging Stryker is unfortunate but do know that contemporary design should not be the bane for disparagement as evidenced by the nearby Community Building, which evokes a contemporary freshness while respecting and reflecting the traditions of Williamsburg. If the City wanted something other than traditional, why did they not seek consult from that designer, Carlton Abbott, who has previously exhibited an ability to do contemporary in an admirable manner?

Oregon shooting

I overheard a very interesting conversation the other day. Two people were discussing why did not God stop the shooting at the college in Oregon. And the other one said, "It's because that God's not allowed there." I think that sums up what's going on in the United States today with the liberals. Thank you.

In the wake of the Oregon college shooting, the NRA and Republican candidates are calling for arming students and teachers. What a stupid idea. Because when the police show up in an active shooting scene and see somebody in a T-shirt and jeans carrying a gun, they're going to assume that person is the shooter and engage him and kill him. Or, when the student engages the deranged shooter in the classroom, the ensuing gun fight is going to cause innocent people to become collateral damage.

Alec Skarlatos is one of the four that took down the terrorist on the train in France. He's also enrolled at the community college in Oregon where the terrorist asked, "Are you Christian" and then shot people. He would have been there had he not been preparing for "Dancing with the Stars." But it brings to mind why hasn't the President had those four young men at the White House to commemorate them for standing up against Islamic terrorism?

Dangerous driving

This is to the driver in the Chrysler Sebring on Sept. 26th at about 4:30 in the afternoon that passed us on Route 60, heading to Walmart warehouse. You followed me for a good mile, on my bumper so close I couldn't even see your headlights at times. I had a car in front of me. You aren't supposed to pass on a double yellow line, but I reckon you decided a half mile before you got to work that that was a good idea, with three cars coming in another direction. You could have caused a serious accident.

Unwelcome change

Another unwanted, unwelcome change. For years, I have always enjoyed showing off the floral designs in the lobby of the Williamsburg Inn. However, the new design in the lobby looks like they are selling bunches of yellow Calla lilies and I am not certain that this tradition of the Williamsburg style flowers can be erased so quickly. Sell the lilies and bring back the Colonial Williamsburg traditional look.

Flu shots

Will Sentara have the drive-through flu shots again this year like they've had the last couple of years. Thank you very much.

Thank you

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, I went to Sentara Urgent Care in New Town with a serious heart problem. I was immediately seen by a staff of four professional women and a female doctor who informed me I had to go to the hospital by ambulance. They were extremely capable and very kind. I was taken by ambulance to Sentara by Medics 41, Torbet Lovelace and Josh Whitaker, and Engine 41, Alex Gray and Hanes Spicer from Station 4B-shift. These men monitored my condition en route and were extremely professional and very kind and caring. As a resident of James City County, I consider myself fortunate to have this exceptional professional care in a time of emergency.

Many thanks to the kind couple who repaired my bike's jammed chain on Monday when I was stranded on the Virginia Capital Bike Trail. They ended up with hands covered in grease and never complained. This couple represented another example of the courtesy and concern that abounds in our community.


I would like to compliment Varujan publicly. The business is Designs by Varujan. He's in Williamsburg Office Park, phone number 259-2662. My ring was almost destroyed by a local jeweler, and I took my ring to him. He took it apart and found that the other jeweler had put an industrial diamond in where it was supposed to be a perfect stone. And Varujan corrected that and totally rebuilt my ring. And it's absolutely beautiful. Do yourself a favor if you have any jewelry repairs or some designs you want made up and call Varujan. Thank you.

My dentist of over 25 years is William J. Bennett, D.D.S. He has practiced in Williamsburg for a long time. He contributes to our community and the dental profession. Dr. Bennett is well respected by dentists and patients for his professionalism and dental care. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Computer Service. If you've got computer trouble, call Ryan, 757-220-0100, at Computer Clinic of Williamsburg on Jamestown Road. I naively "upgraded" from Windows 7 to 10. The process was painfully long and unsuccessful. Ryan removed the upgrade and returned me to sanity with good ole reliable W7. My advice—stick with W7.

We started our car search in August and ended it on Sept. 30 with the help of Tyler Page at Williamsburg Chrysler KIA. Tyler knew the dealer's inventory and the options of the vehicles he brought for us to look over. Thanks, Tyler, for your help.

For anyone who needs work done related to trees, we highly recommend Dan's Tree Service, 757-206-9073. Most recently, we had a large oak tree fall into our fenced-in backyard. We called Dan's and received prompt, courteous service exactly as they promised. It was not an easy place to get to because of the fence. However, they didn't let that stop them from doing excellent work. The men do everything they can to protect your property and thoroughly clean everything up before they leave. This is not the first time they have helped us and I'm sure it will not be the last. They definitely go above and beyond what they would have to do to complete the tree service.

This is to the person looking for a dentist in Williamsburg over 50 years of age. My dentist is Dr. Lisa Curry and I see where another patient had put her name down but I do need to let you know that she is not over 50 but not fresh out of dental school either. She has owned her own practice since 2003 and every time I go into her office, it is always quiet and serene and I definitely don't feel like just a number. Again, her number is 220-3450 if anyone is interested.

Looking for ...

The Junior Woman's Club of Williamsburg is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We are looking for pictures or other club memorabilia. Please send to P.O. Box 1117, Williamsburg, VA, 23187, or email to Thank you!

If you have a supply of moving boxes that you'd like to get rid of, please call 221-0467. We need some and will come and get them if they are flattened out. Thank you.

Does anyone know where Becky Jenkins of Cindy's Classic Cuts went to? She was the only one who gave me the correct bob haircut.

Bus shelters

It is so sad to see folks standing at bus stops in the rain, snow, sleet, storms and there are not enough bus shelters. One potential politician says, "I can get you benches." Well, we need shelters, please. It would be a shame to see these same folks standing at the bus stops waiting to go to the supermarkets (we do not have any in our neighborhood), to work (we do not have businesses), or even to the doctor -- we do not have those in our neighborhood either. I would be ashamed if I were a politician, a county administrator or a district supervisor that allowed this picture to be on the front pages while we watch bike trails being constructed throughout the county or argue about musket shooting, or which flags to fly where. How shameful.


If the Premise is Mr. President, More gun laws are needed to prevent these mass killings. You live in DC where there are strict gun laws including [those that] prohibit guns on the Capital grounds. Yet you have some of these very guns protecting you. If other countries you refer to have significantly less gun violence because of common sense laws, I ask you, Mr. President, why do you need protection while you visit the safe countries? We and you need protection from perpetrators with mediate excess to thwart said violence on ourselves as well as you, sir.

Of all of the countries in the world, the United States ranks 111 in murders per 100,000 inhabitants. This even includes those cities in America with the highest murder rates which have the most stringent gun laws.

This past weekend in eastern Kentucky an eleven-year-old boy shot and killed an eight-year-old girl over an argument involving a puppy. With over 60% of the homicides in the US as the result of gunshots, when is the NRA going to realize they are a large part of the problem?

The sign

Just wondering what is happening to the White Lion neon sign now that the buildings are gone.

Power lines

I have been wondering why our military neighbors haven't weighed in on the over-the-river power lines. With the operations they run from time to time, one would wonder about the dangers of those power lines. They spoke up about the building of a new housing near their base. Sure would like to hear the military's thoughts.

Dominion Virginia Power is a regulated public company; therefore, it must use the least cost method to construct the needed power line. While you might not like it, that route is over the James River.

Middle school

How will the glass walls of the proposed middle school work during intruder drills, lock downs?

No mistake

When precision weapons hit a target after being called in by Special Operations forces, on a location for which they have the coordinates that have been in place for four years and whose management is in contact with military forces in both the US and Afghanistan, that's the categorical opposite of a mistake. The perpetual lack of accountability for this type of lawlessness flies directly in the face of the America those in uniform commit to protect. Only an independent inquiry is sufficient to investigate the bombardment of a Doctors without Borders hospital, and the US government should comply.


Last Friday I was eating lunch at a nice restaurant in New Town and my purse was hanging on my chair. While I was eating the person sitting behind me stole all my credit cards out of my wallet. They proceeded to charge about $10,000 on them within two hours. Beware. Keep your purse where no one can get to it.

Email and texts

The interesting thing about email and texts is that they leave a permanent and factual record of what was actually said. Yes, one loses the back and forth interaction, slowing communication, but one also loses the wink and nod, sarcastic tones, and other expressions designed to provoke responses that can be exploited to cast someone in a negative light.


I have a variety of international coins and currency, all of it out-of-date and of no monetary value. But they are attractive and quite interesting. If there is a teacher who could make use of them, please email

No-child tax

"Help pay for tomorrow's society. Help out, all of you childless people." Really? That's why I send my children to a private school. That is not what my original post was about. But since it came to this, yes, childless people should pay tax for the benefits they are getting. You are sure to count yours to the penny. And thank you, but you can't help me with my parties at the Inn. Your taxes would not help with the cheeseburger at McDonald.

New DMV space?

I want to make a statement. The Virginia Employment office is closing down on Oct. 16th. And what they need to do with that building is move the DMV to that spot. It would be a better location. People can get in and out of that building easier. Give people better parking and better access to get into it. Thank you.


When I was promoted to the position as manager, I wanted to be a success. I hired people who were willing to work at the minimum wage until they learned to job to my highly detailed job description. When they had finished their training, I supervised them frequently with words of encouragement. I terminated them if they were not able to stay efficient and dependable. I learned my employees could make me look good or bad depending on how I treated them.

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