Early forecasts show late rain Monday turning to light snow Tuesday

Hampton Roads looks to be safe from most of the snow expected to blanket the Middle Atlantic region early this week, according to Sunday evening projections from the National Weather Service.

However, there is snow in the local forecast: Snowfall in the area is expected to top out around an inch at most on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the area around Washington D.C. will be under a Winter Storm Watch Monday evening, with several inches of snow expected, NWS states.

Monday's temperature in Hampton Roads will peak around 45 and bottom out around 39. The day is expected to be sunny and become rainy after 5 p.m. There is a 100 percent chance for rain in the evening, and winds will reach 20 mph.

Tuesday is also expected to be rainy, but snow is expected to fall in the evening when temperatures drop below 30.

Check back for updates to this week's forecasts.

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