Support Zhang for City Council

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I support Mr. Benny Zhang for the Williamsburg City Council.

I am a citizen of Williamsburg, and have two sons at the College of William and Mary. I recently had an opportunity to interview Mr. Zhang. As a former executive of The Washington Times, I elicited his knowledge and perspectives in detail on a variety of matters affecting the city.

Mr. Zhang has been a citizen of Williamsburg and paid taxes for several years, and has been a student at the college. He understands the views of both communities on various issues.

He has a detailed familiarity with a wide range of citizens' concerns, ranging from the overall quality of life, the use (or misuse) of taxpayer money, allocating revenue more effectively to avoid tax increases, and how to generate some much-desired investment in the city.

We also discussed how to protect and expand small businesses, and to reinvigorate multi-day tourism for Colonial Williamsburg and the motel/restaurant industries. Naturally, we also discussed various ideas of how to achieve more constructive cooperation between the city and the college constituencies.

Over the years he has personally participated in a wide range of municipal organizations, and has acquired an intimate knowledge of how the city functions – and how to address the needs to improve it.

Mr. Zhang will bring a fresh, informed perspective to the City Council and will make an effective advocate for all citizens.

Charles W Sutherland


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