Clinton is like a 1959 Cadillac

Hillary Clinton is an old establishment candidate with no new ideas and a bad track record of performance. Benghazi was inexcusable and her email scandal is just the latest in a long list of ineptitude. Since she has no successes to point to, and low prospects of future accomplishments; with the help of dubious media reporting, you are getting a liberal use of the words "bigot," "racist," "party of Wall Street," and other PC slurs to try to salvage this election cycle.

The fact is that Democrats have not earned your support over the past eight years. They have run the hope and change gambit into the ground. The easiest way to measure the health of the economy is to look at all of the empty store fronts in every shopping center and try to remember the last time you got a raise. The easiest way to measure the war on terror is to remember ISIS did not exist before their watch. Finally, we are seeing the results of Obamacare. Health care costs are skyrocketing, not shrinking as promised.

Think about it. They want you to buy a 1959 Cadillac from the junkyard; but if you look close you can see that those big beautiful fins have rusted away. Promises made have not been kept.

Don Miller

James City County

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