Orlando Medical examiner sets up command center

Orange County Fire Rescue has set up a command center outside of the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office following the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub. 

In the hot Sunday afternoon, two cars dropped off bottles of water at the office for the Fire Rescue crew manning the area near 2350 E. Michigan St.

Three medical examiner vans came and went through mid-afternoon, although it was not clear if they were carrying any of the shooting victims.

Dr. Stephen J. Nelson, chairman of Florida Medical Examiners Commission, said all Florida medical examiner offices are required to have disaster plans and mass fatality plans.

Nelson, who is also the Polk County Medical Examiner, said he would be surprised if any of the homicides would be moved to another medical examiner office. 

If the Orlando M.E. Office does need assistance, there is a mutual aid plan available, if they reach out for help. 

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