Exploring your senses

Exploring Your Common Senses will be presented 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Virginia Living Museum, Newport News. Taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing: How do our senses compare to our furry, feathery and finny friends'? Discover how good your sense of smell is compared with a fox's. Test your eyesight to learn if it's as accurate as a hawk's. Use touch to feel vibrations in water and determine if you could survive as a fish. Explore your senses this fun-filled, hands-on day. Also, explore Riverside's interactive family health display. Stop by Tidewater Physical Therapy¿s Backpack Weighing Station and let your child try on a full backpack weighing closest to what they carry during the school year. A physical therapist will talk to you and your child about best practices to avoid back and shoulder pain. At 11 a.m. meet Zoë Panda, a 6-year-old registered visiting therapy dog, and Cathleen Handlin, a registered handler for Therapy Dogs International. They will present ¿Canine Senses: Their Value to Dogs and Mankind.¿ Included in museum admission. $17 adults, $13 children 3-12. 595-1900.
Virginia Gabriele /
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