Pastimes of Colonial Virginia

¿Pastimes of Colonial Virginia¿ ¿ games and amusements of the 17th and 18th centuries ¿ will be the focus of interpretive programs at Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center living-history museums throughout August. At Jamestown Settlement, visitors can try a variety of games and activities used by early Virginians. noon. At the Yorktown Victory Center, visitors to the re-created Continental Army encampment can learn how soldiers entertained themselves with board games, such as nine-men¿s morris, as well as cards and dice. Special demonstrations of 18th century pastimes will be presented at 2:05 and 5:35 p.m. each day. Indoors, the two history museums feature extensive gallery exhibits that tell the story of America¿s beginnings. In the Yorktown Victory Center's Continental Army encampment, a historical interpreter is pictured playing "shut the box," a counting game. For more information, call 253-4838 or visit
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