Jared Antle's discharge date pushed back again as recovery takes a turn

Staff writer

On Tuesday, Jared Antle was scheduled to be discharged from the Atlanta hospital he has called home for the past seven months.

Instead, Jared remains at the specialty brain and spinal injury hospital in Atlanta surrounded by his family as hospital staffers and his insurers lengthened his stay once again, according to Jared’s father Ed Antle.

The 19-year-old James Madison University sophomore and Lafayette High School graduate suffered a traumatic brain injury in an August hit-and-run in Harrisonburg. After one month at hospitals in Virginia, Jared was flown to Atlanta for treatment.

The hospital and insurers agreed, Ed said, Jared needs at least two more weeks at the hospital. Jared and his family could be home in James City County by May 7.

While his recovery has been miraculous to his family so far, Ed said, Jared’s behavior has slowed that progress after an allergic reaction caused his primary medication to be changed.

“One minute he may be yelling not so nice words and the next minute he is blowing kisses and saying ‘love you more,’” Jared’s mother Cathy Antle wrote in a Monday Facebook post. “Therapy didn’t go very well today, but I remain hopeful because his walking improves every time. He has a tech with him 24 hours a day now — primarily to keep him safe but also to give us a break.”

Jared’s family has been by his side almost without exception since the crash. They celebrated Thanksgiving in his hospital room.

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