Architectural Review Board to consider revision to Midtown Row building

The Architectural Review Board will consider revisions made to the color scheme and design elements of Building Seven, a group of stores in Midtown Row’s commercial area, at its June 12 meeting.

The building is being designed by Washington, D.C.-based architectural firm Little Diversified Architectural Consulting in partnership with the project’s developer, Broad Street Realty.

Building Seven will be occupied by several stores, including Marshalls and Sal’s By Victor. Broad Street Realty is working to secure additional businesses to move into the shopping center. The building will feature a stage for performances and an outdoor sitting area covered by a metal pergola.

When representatives from the firm originally presented a color and design plan for the building last month, the board approved the project on the condition that large Mardi Gras Gold panels along the store’s facade be replaced with a more muted design.

“The yellow just feels a little bit harsh,” said vice-chairman David Stemann at the body’s May 8 meeting. “I realize that the facade is elevated and they won’t necessarily be read together, but in this overall palette, it just sticks out a little bit.”

At the meeting, Francesca Franchi, design principal at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, said the firm chose the bold yellow accent to make the building stand out.

“We selected a bright, sort of orange-yellow because it has to be unforgettable,” Franchi said.

Building Four, another grouping of stores in Midtown Row’s commercial area approved by the Architectural Review Board, also sports a yellow trim along its side. The problem with Building Seven, the body said, is the use of distractingly large yellow panels along its facade.

The new design will feature a grey panel and a smaller Mardi Gras Gold band to match the width and height of a pergola structure at the end of the building.

The application was scheduled to be reviewed at the body’s May 22 meeting, but was tabled because representatives from the architectural firm failed to appear.

If approved by the Architectural Review Board, Building Seven will be added to the full site plan, which will go before the city’s Planning Commission for final approval on June 20.

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