Lincoln, the only third-party president

In response to a letter in which Stephen T. White stated that a third party candidate never won a Presidential election: that is flat out wrong. The Republican Party was a third party, created in a split from the Whigs; the Republican Party stood on the principle that slavery was wrong and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president.

The Constitution Party has broken from the Republican Party because we stand for the Constitution and honesty, something both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lack.

Contrary to comments about skewing the vote, those who voted for other candidates made a simple statement; while many Clinton supporters promote the narrative that she won the popular vote, the truth is that the majority of Americans did not want either of them to be president.

Many of us that did vote for someone other than Clinton or Trump were attacked as casting a wasted vote, but the real wasted votes went to Clinton in big red states and not to a third party candidate who could have cost Trump those Electoral votes. Yes, Democrats helped elect Trump, not Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

For those Democrats protesting Trump, they need to direct their anger at the Democratic party that nominated the only candidate who could have lost to Trump. By the way, anyone that voted for Trump in Virginia wasted their vote, too, as he had no chance of winning Virginia. So my vote was as "wasted" as their vote was.

John Bloom

Constitution Party of Virginia State Coordinator

Newport News

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