NWS: Warm weather and cold water a danger to boaters in Hampton Roads

Staff Writer

If you’re considering a canoe trip Monday, the National Weather Service urges you to think again.

The U.S. Coast Guard and National Weather Service at Wakefield issued a cold water danger warning to boaters throughout Hampton Roads that ends Monday evening, according to a National Weather Service news release.

The conditions arise when air temperatures are warmer than 60 degrees and water temperatures are colder than 60 degrees with at least a 15-degree difference between the two, according to National Weather Service at Wakefield’s Meteorologist-in-Charge Jeff Orrock.

The warning program is in effect from March to April and November to December each year, the release said.

Paddlers and boaters who intend to go out on the water these days should wear all the right gear all the time, according to the release. They’re also encouraged to let others know their travel plans, the release said.

When water temperatures are below 60 degrees, kayakers and other boaters who find themselves in the water could experience a loss of dexterity in as little as 10 minutes and could become unconscious and die in as little as an hour, according to the release.

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