Local businesses to participate in A Day Without Water awareness event


Your morning coffee or after-work beer is more than just beans or hops – both beverages are mostly made up of water.

And what would it be like to be without water for a day? Local businesses and askHRGreen.org are partnering up to ask that very question of people Wednesday.

askHRGreen.org is a Hampton Roads Planning District Commission project intended as an educational resource for environmentalism in Hampton Roads.

More than 20 businesses throughout the area will hand out special coffee sleeves and drink coasters that ask customers to imagine lacking access to water. In the Williamsburg area, Aromas and Alewerks are participating.

“Alewerks is very interested in environmental consciousness. It’s important to us to have as little negative impact as possible,” Alewerks Marketing Director Jeff Phillips said, adding that water is an important part of the beer brewing process. “We’re more than happy to support it.”

The event is part of the national awareness campaign Imagine a Day Without Water, which seeks to educate people on the importance of maintaining functional and safe water and wastewater systems.

In Hampton Roads, 12 drinking water treatment plants with 21 reservoirs and more than 50 wells support public water systems. More than 1,500 pump stations transport sewage to 10 treatment plants in Hampton Roads, according to an askHRGreen.org news release.

“This is a simple way to make a serious point — that we shouldn’t take water for granted,” askHRgreen.org team leader Katie Cullipher said in the release. “No water? No coffee or beer. But a day without water also means no bathing, brushing your teeth, flushing a commode or filling your dog’s water bowl.”

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