Democrats gather for last-minute rally

Tuesday evening will bring the end of a months-long process for the Democratic candidates running for the House and the Senate.

Monty Mason hopes to make the jump from the House to the Senate, and at an informal rally Monday morning, he met with people who he hopes will vote for him Tuesday.

That said, he sees the importance of working alongside those who may not always agree, and he knows that an efficient political system depends on such. His late friend, whose seat Mason he hopes to fill, knew the same.

“John Miller was a good, solid, strong voice, but he worked with the other team to move the ball down the field,” Mason said.

Senator Mark Warner also popped in before heading to Petersburg. He mentioned that he knows the strain that political campaigning can wreak.

“It’s hard on the candidates, but it’s really hard on the candidates’ families,” Warner said.

Mason spoke in favor of Mullin, a prosecutor who graduated from Newport News’ Christopher Newport University. Mullin spoke about some of the immediate issues he is passionate about.

“There have been so many pieces of legislation that have been stopped by the veto of Governor McAuliffe,” Mullin said. He mentioned those that would affect abortion and veterans’ benefits specifically. 

The area Mullin would represent is one that in recent years has moved between parties. He and Mason see this as a chance to lock down the area as a Democratic one.

“The 93rd District is a perfect example of a place that has gone back and forth,” Mason said.

Warner spoke to the bigger picture: Not only should people vote for their local representatives, but they also should vote for the biggest race of all: president.

With what he sees as a very concerning candidate from the Republican party, he says people have to head to the polls and show that America’s modern democracy still works.

“We always say this is the most important year,” Warner said. “This year, it’s really the truth.”

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