Trade agreement with China is critical

Buying and selling are the fundamentals of trade. However, cheaper products are easier to trade than more expensive ones. Hence, developing nations have an advantage over developed nations, cost of labor being the key factor. The only way to properly compete with low wage countries is to have a fair trade agreement in place. A trade barrier is not an option. If we decide to protect our jobs by creating a barrier, so would our trading partners.

It is a foolhardy idea that protectionism will help any individual nation.

Our problems do not lie with NAFTA, but with our own unchecked and unregulated free market system which has allowed a communist nation to siphon our precious jobs and technology.

Today after 30 years of mismanagement and inaction with the Chinese, we have become beholden to a communist nation.. The Chinese control all aspects of our free market system including our treasury holdings.

I request our presidential candidates not to waste our precious energy on Mexico and NAFTA, but come up with a strategy to deal with the rogue communists of China. First, let's have a new fair trade agreement with China, then we can worry about NAFTA.

The agreement should include severe penalties for counterfeit products and theft of our intellectual properties, subsidies for export-oriented businesses, allowing unhindered access for all of our products/services and obeying all norms of International law of land and Sea.

Prosant Aikat


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