Looking to assign blame for Clinton's loss?

It would seem hell hath officially frozen over. Contrary to what everybody assured us, Donald J. Trump will become the next president of the United States. Cue the mass hysteria.

In the 48 hours following the election we have witnessed behavior including, but not limited to: editorials vilifying Libertarian and Green Party voters for having the audacity to cast a ballot for someone less cringe-worthy than Hillary Clinton, videos of millennials throwing tear-ridden temper tantrums posted to Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere, and hordes of protesters from Richmond to New York impeding the flow of street traffic with their incessant, mind-numbing caterwauling.

Unable to move on from this upset, Clinton supporters blame nearly every faction of voters except the ones responsible for Trump's victory: themselves. From the beginning, they rallied behind, as Dr. Jill Stein put it, "the Queen of Corruption." With the help of the DNC, they relegated a respectable (albeit socialist) candidate, Bernie Sanders, to the fringes of the party, apparently oblivious to the fact that people can't stand Clinton.

Despite Trump having made remarks so inflammatory any other campaign would have self-destructed long ago, he won. Despite his leaked hot-mic tape, he won. He gave democrats the gift of what should have been the easiest opponent in electoral history, and they blew it.

Clinton supporters have nobody to blame but themselves for this self-inflicted wound, and nothing will result from their antics other than self-embarrassment. It is over. Signed, sealed, delivered. Or, as Hillary Clinton herself would say, "what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Tyler Iorizzo


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