Presidential election focus is all wrong

Disgusting is the best term for our presidential campaign. Who is to blame? We are.

The American population has become what I call a "People" magazine society. All headlines and no substance. The politicians and the media are feeding into that attitude so no one has to think

Today's discussions seem to less about a leader of the free world than about who will run the Playboy Mansion. What a choice. Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton a crook, but seems to be trying to battle Bill Clinton for pervert of the year. Hillary is spending time telling everyone what she did, what happened on her watch, but does not use the word-We (leader, congress, the American people). The American base is waiting for the government to give them things and make life comfortable. They say things such as "cut taxes," but don't touch my entitlement.

Well folks, as Paul Ryan said. "It is every man for himself." Do you think the politicians think about you? They will think about you after securing their do-little jobs and right after Kim Kardashian gets a personality and develops some talent. Then "People" magazine will have new headlines

Who in their right mind would run for president?

Tony Lambiase


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