Rigel applauded for stand on Trump

I've had a few disagreements with Congressman Scott Rigel, I considered him a moderate Republican and was not surprised he came out in support of Libertarian Gary Johnson for president. Though I support Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party Nominee, which represents conservative Republicans, I applaud him in denouncing Trump, and for leaving the Republican Party as I did in May when Trump became the presumptive nominee.

If all moderate Republicans followed the lead of Congressman Rigel and left the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party while all Conservative Republicans follow my lead and joined the Constitution Party, all that would be left of the Republican Party would be Trump Republicans/Democrats. Most are not even aware that there is a movement to leave the GOP on Sept. 15th called #GOPEXODUS,(Facebook Group).

According to the Republican Party of Virginia, any voter who publicly opposes a Republican nominee is no longer a Republican for a period of four years. My Republicans friend cannot support me or risk being removed from the Republican Party of Virginia, including the current Republican Committee woman Cynthia Dunbar I helped get elected in April.

I salute Congressman Rigel for having the courage of his convictions in taking a principled stand against Donald Trump and his hostile takeover of the GOP.

John Bloom

Constitution Party Candidate for State Senate in the 1st Senate District

Newport News

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